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Software developer, entrepreneur, and researcher. Full stack experience with building the most popular mobile application in the category. Currently focusing on blockchain technology.

Key values in my life 💡Usefulness, 🍎Simplicit, 🏍️ Efficiency, 🦎Adaptatoin, and 🌎Freedom.

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  1. S.Baranski, J. Konorski: Mitigation of Fake Data Content Poisoning Attacks in NDN via Blockchai (Dec, 2020)
  2. S. Baranski, J. Szymanski, A. Sobecki, D. Gil, H. Mora: Practical I-Voting on Stellar Blockchain (Oct, 2020)
  3. S. Baranski: Application of blockchain and infection processes in graphs to mitigate content poisoning attacks in information-centric network (Oct, 2020)

Technical Posts

  1. Writing Mongo Realm serverless functions with TypeScript (Dec, 2020)
  2. How Android Boots Up (Oct, 2018)