software developer,  blockchain enthusiast,  entrepreneur,  phd student in informatics

Software developer, entrepreneur, and researcher. Full stack experience with building the most popular mobile application in the category. Motivated by the newest technologies and business opportunities. Currently focusing on blockchain technology.
Key values in my life 🏍️Efficiency, 🦎Adaptation, 🌎Freedom, 🍎Simplicity, and 💡Usefulness.


Practical I-Voting on Stellar Blockchain
Article, October 2020, Applied Science
Application of blockchain and infection processes in graphs to mitigate content poisoning attacks in information-centric network
Master Thesis, October 2020, Gdansk University of Technology
Bitcoin cryptographic currency wallet with multifactor hybrid hardware-network authenticatio
Engineering Thesis, April 2018, Gdansk University of Technology
How Android Boots Up
Post, October, 2018, ProAndroidDev

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