Updated 20/02/2023

Alicante, Spain

I’m currently living in Spain, doing an internship at the Univerisity of Alicante.

Blockchain as a solution to internet voting

Most of my research focuses on blockchains, internet votings, cryptographic protocols, MPC, and zkSNARKs.

I’m participating in the Delendum Fellowship program. Presentation on my reserach proposal is available here.

Machine learning model that can predict personality type based on digital activity

The article explaining What is this thing called Personality Type is finally published.

Now, I’m researching the possibility of employing a machine learning algorithm for predicting personality type based on digital content. You can find the reserach statement here.

The working hypothesis is: “our digital activities like social media images, posts, comments, and private messages contain our personality type”

Goal: create a machine learning model that can predict personality type based on digital activity.

The model should not be used to discriminate people, rather it should be used to help people understand themselves better and to help them find the right people to work with. The slides are available here.

Systematizing psychology

I’m working on systematizing the psychological processes, extending to the idea introduced in this article too all psychological processes. The goal is to create a model that includes all: rationality, intuition, aspiration, and feelings. It will let me extract the feelings from the equations and hence, measure their influence on people—all of that for a bigger Project Marlin (coming soon). I’m researching the works of Herbert Simon, Daniel Kahneman.

I’m reseraching the activity called “rozkminianie” and its relation to the concept of intuition.


I’m researching the concepts of mental models, Anil Seth’s works on Bayesian brain (perception is a form of best guesing), topology, traumas, and frame-control as they are promising complements to the hypothesis “A point cannot understand a line”.