Updated 17/09/2022

Blockchain as a solution to internet voting

My research topic of the doctoral dissertation is “Blockchain as a solution to internet voting”. Most of my research focuses on blockchains(CS 251), i-votings, government, cryptography, MPC, PCPs (CS294), and zkSNARKs.

Prediction of personality type using machine learning and personal digital content

I’m researching the concept of personality types, especially Carl Jung’s Personality Types and The Transcendent Function, MBTI, Big Five, NERIS, Objective Personality, and Enneagram. I’m researching the possibility of employing a machine learning algorithm for predicting personality type based on digital content.

Intuition vs rationality

I’m researching the concept of rationality and intuition. I am looking for a complete decision-making model that includes all: rationality, intuition, aspiration, and emotions. It will let me extract the emotions from the equations and hence, measure their influence on people—all of that for a bigger Project Marlin (coming soon). Currently, I’m researching Herbert Simon’s and Daniel Kahneman’s works.


I’m researching the concept of mental models as it is a promising complement to my idea of “dimensionalism”, and a hypothesis “A point cannot understand a line”.

Other activities

I recently have started Ethereum Validator. My free time is devoted to dancing classes.