My commandments

  1. Feelings are the unconditional source of truth. Trust them and use them to build authentic opinions.
  2. Speak with the intention of inspiring, not bragging.
  3. Listen with the intention of understanding, not responding.
  4. Write with the intention of being useful, not to look smart. If you haven’t learned anything by writing, don’t publish.
  5. Do not expect others to act according to your values. Instead, convince them that they are worth following.
  6. Do not expect others to fill your gaps. Especially, your partner is not to fix your flaws.
  7. Embrace the people around you. There is no such thing as self-made success, as you cannot pull yourself up by your bootstraps.
  8. Consider all people as smart as you are, just in different areas.
  9. Everyone has beauty inside, it’s your job to find it, not theirs to show you. You cannot appreciate what you do not understand; therefore, if you can understand everyone, you can appreciate everyone.
  10. It requires courage to be normal.
  11. Love exists. If you don’t believe, keep looking.