Authentic opinions come from your feelings

Having no opinions is hiding. Having opinions is showing yourself to others—it’s being authentic.

Develop authentic opinions on everything, using your feelings.

When topics and ideas show up, ask yourself “How do I feel about that?”

Even if your opinion is that “I don’t care”, ask yourself why you don’t care, how do you feel about people that care? Write it down.

How do you feel about “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, you don’t care? Imagine being them. You value something so much that you spend a whole day going from home to home asking people if they want to join your sect. It’s amazing! Or at least mad. You can have an opinion even if you don’t care.

Never say “I don’t have my own opinion” it means hiding or being ignorant. Everyone’s opinion is important because everyone is different. The subjective view is as valuable as the objective one. The beginner’s view is as important as the expert’s one.

Do not cling to your opinions. They just represent your temporary worldview. As you go, the view changes. If the view does not change, it means you are standing still. If you are not ashamed of your past opinions, then you are not growing fast enough.

By answering how you feel you immediately show everyone who you are. It exposes you to conflict, but you become authentic and free.