Although I had never smoked cigarettes before. In high school I get interested in e-cigarettes, the concept of DIY electronic and cloud chasing (trying to achieve the biggest cloud possible) intrigued me. After some time I get really into it and started to learn everything about them. E-cigarettes are very simple devices, in the simplest mechanic form they consist of a high-ampere battery, button, heating coil, and cotton inside it; everything connected and packed into housing. Pressing button close the circuit, heating up the coil and therefore cotton soaked in e-liquid, which cause it to vaporize.

I started to create my own heating coils and mix my own e-liquids. It was much cheaper, give a lot of space for experiments and by selling them I could earn some money. But it was not enough.

One day, my cousing showed me some website where e-ciggaretes costs about 30% of normal price in my country. He asked me if I could order him one because I had a multi-currency bank account. My first thought was that the website is a scam, but I could risk that few dollars. The delivery time was about 60-days, but who cares, it was so much cheaper. I ordered two e-cigs and after two months the order get to my parent mailbox ✓ , e-ciggaretes were there ✓ , and everything was working ✓. My first though was that if I sell it for double the price it still will be 40% cheaper than in shops, so I shouldn’t have problems in selling them. Eureka! I just found the golden goose. Immediately I told my cousin about it and asked how much he wants to order in the next batch?

I couldn’t believe that someone could reject such a simple, effortless and profitable business idea. I ordered them anyway. And after 60 days of waiting, they were finally here, ten fully working e-ciggaretes. I posted an offer on facebook group where people were trading second-hand ciggaretes. The interest was so high that I sold them in few days. I wondered, what should I do now. The question wasn’t if I should do it again, or if it’s legal——the question was how many will I order next time. I ordered 20 e-cigs and after one month another 20. Again sold them without any problem. I was doing this business for few months and earn about the minimum wage in my country. Not bad for 18 years old and a few-hours-a-day job. Even after the website become widely known and people start to copy my business, some people were still buying from me, this is how the business credibility works. What was more interesting is the fact that even with the doubled price, people still were buying from me, why? they wanted to have it now, not in a month, not in a week, now. This was one of the biggest lessons in my life.

  1. We are paying for the exchange of time. Time is money. If you are in a hurry you will pay someone who can afford to wait.

  2. You have to risk to earn money. The ratio of profit/risk is constant. The more you risk, the bigger payout.

  3. Capital can limit you. At the beginning, I couldn’t afford to order more than I had, even if I knew that I would double it. It was limited by a lack of capital so I borrowed some money from my mother to accelerate the profit. Look for investors only when the capital is limiting you.

I also realized that direct selling is not for me, and there is nothing I can learn more from this business so eventually I abandoned it for my next big project, the Vape Tool.

By the way, the website was