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Software developer and researcher. I love learning, thinking, writing and programming. Full stack experience with building the most popular mobile application in the category. My research interests are in the area of cryptography, distributed systems, cryptocurrency, and applications of blockchain technology. Key values in my life are 💡Usefulness, 🍎Simplicity, 🏍️ Efficiency, 🦎Adaptation, and 🌎Freedom."

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  1. S.Baranski, J. Konorski: Mitigation of Fake Data Content Poisoning Attacks in NDN via Blockchai (Dec, 2020)
  2. S. Baranski, J. Szymanski, A. Sobecki, D. Gil, H. Mora: Practical I-Voting on Stellar Blockchain (Oct, 2020)
  3. S. Baranski: Application of blockchain and infection processes in graphs to mitigate content poisoning attacks in information-centric network (Oct, 2020)

Technical Posts

  1. Implementing blind signature on ed25519 (Feb, 2021)
  2. Superiority of public blockchains (Jan, 2021)
  3. Writing Mongo Realm serverless functions with TypeScript (Dec, 2020)
  4. How Android Boots Up (Oct, 2018)