Loneliness is a measure of self-understanding

Definition 1: Loneliness is when we are surrounded by people and feel misunderstood by others.

Definition 2: You don’t really understand something if you can not explain it using simple words.

By combining these two definitions we get interesting causality:

Let’s start with replacing something with yourself. We get: you don’t really understand yourself if you can not explain yourself using simple words.

Now let’s imply the first definition by the second one:

The deduction says loneliness is caused by lack of understanding yourself, or even loneliness is a measure of self-understanding.

If you think you understand yourself well, but you feel a deep sense of being misunderstood. You need to explain yourself to other people, you have to help them to understand you, you need to learn to communicate who you are.

Ultimately, you are the recipient of feeling understood or misunderstood, not others. So it’s your task to make others understand you.

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