Me in 10 minutes

I usually don’t talk about myself. In fact, here I write about things that I’ve never told anyone. But someday, this site will be everything that’s left of me. Moreover, you might identify with this words, and find it usefull to know that you are not alone there.


I’m an introvert, INTJ-A, 5w4, most of the time thinking, reading, writing, or working.

When working on something, I tend to immerse myself in one topic for weeks, months, or even years.

I don’t care about things that I don’t care. But when I care, I care a lot. There are some topics I want to be an expert in, everything else is just noise, I neither read nor watch the news, I don’t know things that a typical person knows, because, I don’t try to be typical. I’ve never been pursuing a normal life. Working in corporation, buying house on credit, 2 weeks vacation, and spending free time watching youtube or netflix? There is enough people doing that.

I’m naturally driven to niches, both in personal life, business and science. In fact what I like the most about science, is that I have to find a niche, and dig, deeper than anyone ever did, in a way no one else ever tried.

I hate mediocrity, norms, everything that prevents people from being unique.

I not talkative. I don’t like speaking just for sake of speaking, I don’t like repeating what is known, speaking about trivial things, about something everyone knows. Rather, I try to bring something new and unique to the table, something no one consider before, often conflicting viewpoint, diversifying the conversation that otherwise would not give the participants any new knowledge.

I’m an explorer, that love learning new things, the stranger the better. I try to be omnivorous, get in touch with all types of people, on all social hierarchy levels.

I’m an optimist, for me everything is possible––it’s only a matter of time. Therefore time is priceless to me. I hate wasting time. Life is a time, so doing something to kill the time is like killing your life. I avoid doing shopping and traffic jams, when I have to––I ride a motorcycle. When I have to work––I work remotely.

I’m pragmatic, whenever I see that something gives better results, allows achieving goals, or is better in the long-term, I apply it to my life. I use my decision making algorithm.


I’ve been fascinated by computers since I remember, and this fascination is not weakening. Most of the time I spend in flow, I often forget about eating or sleeping, working until late hours (often sunrise reminds me to go to sleep).